Holy shit it finally happened. Maybe I should do something to celebrate soon.

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god fucking bless this Hilda.

I want you to know I may have accidentally earned the nickname skeletor in my group of friends due to shenanigans. Are you proud of me?


((If your shenanigans have earned you such a name, then they must truly be glorious. XD))

Oh I only truly cemented it when I went MYAAAAAAAAAAH in response to said nickname. Terrible things went on that night.

We even ended up singing HEYEYEYEYEA

No but what if Shiek was a separate entity from Zelda in one of the games that isn’t Hyrule warriors? They could have ‘him’ be a boy or a girl. If ‘he’ is a boy, then he could be Zelda’s somewhat incompetent brother being trained in the ways of the Shiekah in order to better protect Zelda or something, and at the end of the game he could have a badass boast like “You kidnapped my sister in my moment of incompetence, I’ll have her back now!” and proceeds to curbstomp the fake final boss into the dirt after you’ve dealt with him/her only to have Ganon go ‘SURPRISE BITCH, I BET YOU THOUGH YOU’D SEEN THE LAST OF ME’ and pop in out of nowhere to deny him victory.

If ‘he’ is a girl, she could be Zelda’s twin sister who didn’t take after Hylia, so Impa took her under her wing and made her into a badass ninja general person but she still has girly slumber parties with Impa and Zelda because Impa is also still kind of Zelda’s and her nanny. Maybe she could have a slight weakness for cute stuff too.

And maybe Zelda and Shiek could be childhood friends with Link either way and it could be some kind of love triangle either way but in the end Zelda and Link get together and Shiek is like ‘whelp, I tried’ and somehow ends up with a satisfying ending anyway.

I don’t even know why am I writing this.

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