[To: Neku Sakuraba][Sender: ??? (Rikari Satio)]: Got your number from Beat. Saw you last game, and during the one that just ended. Thanks for taking out that idiot that was wearing my face. It let me actually start using mine again.


[Send to: ???] [Sender: Sakuraba Neku]

Uhh…sure, no problem. But, who are you exactly?

[Message sent]


'Better yet. Why was Beat giving you my number?'

[To: Neku][Sender: Rikari]: Oh, you remember that chinchilla you had to fight right? He was a tad bit of my whole self splintered off from me. In killing him, you let me come back into being me. I was stuck as a little chinchilla watching the game during the game.

[To: Neku][Sender: Rikari]: Good job surviving Day 7, by the way.

Do you like Pancakes?

Yeah we like pancakes!

Do you like waffles?

Yeah we like waffles.

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damn it why this.

Golden Hand shadows are the epitome of dirty. They do the shocker.

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casually buys the shit out of azure striker gunvolt.